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Japanese Knotweed Eradication & Disposal

The disposal of Japanese Knotweed is bound by several Environment Agency (EA) regulations.

Whichever Japanese Knotweed excavation method is used to eradicate and dispose of the plant, the legislation which surrounds this practice should always be strictly adhered to. Landtech (UK) Limited are highly experienced in all legal matters regarding Japanese Knotweed excavation and removal, and we are able to manage the whole process of handling controlled waste and ensuring compliance with the law. We offer a highly professional service and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee with on-site methods of disposal and when removing Japanese Knotweed to a licensed landfill site.

Excavation of Japanese Knotweed

Root barrier to perimeter of site

Knotweed removal for disposal at landfill

Japanese Knotweed Stockpiling

Japanese Knotweed Burial On-site

Japanese Knotweed Removal to Landfill

If you are considering removing to landfill, please read the following very carefully:

Landfill sites require soils analysis before accepting the material. Obtaining the correct waste classification is essential. This is a specialised area which Landtech (UK) Limited has great expertise. Most landfills will not accept material based solely on a WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) test. Failure to carry out the correct tests can potentially make some sites uneconomic to develop. The way in which sampling is planned and the samples analysed needs careful consideration.

Landfill Tax is also a very important consideration. All green and organic waste must be separated and in some cases topsoil handled separately. Failure to do this will attract the high rate of landfill tax, an increased cost of £88.95 per tonne.

Example sites we have worked on:

a) A site where we obtained four different waste classifications in order to send it to four different tips to produce the most economical solutions.

b) Where the Japanese Knotweed was contaminated with asbestos. By using the correct analysis methodology and on-site monitoring during the works, we reduced the cost of the remediation of the site by £550,000. We worked in conjunction with the Environment Agency (EA) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to obtain prior approval, as this was the first time these waste combinations had been managed.

If you would like further information about Japanese Knotweed eradication and disposal, or if would like to request a FREE survey or quote, ask a question or discuss your requirements in detail, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call us on 01299 405353 or email