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Japanese Knotweed and Mortgage Lenders

We offer Japanese Knotweed mortgage solutions which make obtaining a mortgage a rapid and simple process.

Mortgage lenders and banks are increasingly refusing to lend money on properties where Japanese Knotweed is present, even if it is a considerable distance from the house. Some lenders are even refusing mortgage applications if there is Knotweed present on a neighbouring property.

DO NOT WORRY! Regardless of what you may have heard, selling or obtaining a mortgage on a Japanese Knotweed affected property, is a relatively easy process. At Landtech (UK) Limited we regularly supply Japanese Knotweed mortgage solutions to meet vendor, buyer and lender requirements.

Japanese Knotweed growing out of a window.

Bricking up a window in an attempt to control it.

We offer Japanese Knotweed mortgage solutions.

So, I can get a mortgage on a property with Japanese knotweed?

Yes. As long as a qualified surveyor has identified the Knotweed, provided a report and a Japanese Knotweed management plan (which includes an accurate record of the infestation and how it is to be eradicated), it is possible to get a mortgage.

Japanese Knotweed Management Plan

After an initial survey Landtech (UK) Limited can offer a management plan, covered by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and designed to your specific requirements, that will result in complete Japanese Knotweed treatment and control.  From survey to issuing the warranty can take less than 7 days.

If you would like further information about our Japanese Knotweed mortgage solutions, or if would like to request a FREE survey or quote, ask a question or discuss your requirements in detail, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call us on 01299 405353 or email