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Japanese Knotweed Treatment & Control

A herbicide treatment is by far the most cost effective Japanese Knotweed treatment and control method.

Although a much slower method than the excavation of Japanese Knotweed, a herbicide treatment is an economical method of eliminating this tenacious plant. Landtech (UK) Limited have a team of NPTC and BASIS qualified technicians. These qualifications are a legal requirement for giving advice on applying herbicides. In addition, we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee with all Japanese Knotweed treatments to satisfy mortgage lenders.

Foreground only treated with herbicide

Knotweed control in a residential area

Soils also contaminated with asbestos

Japanese Knotweed Herbicide Treatment

* Normally only one application per annum is required between August and mid-October. More than one application per season would only be justified in exceptional circumstances or where the ground is being repeatedly cultivated to stimulate growth. Incorrectly timed applications may lead to poor levels of control and extend the time needed to control the plant.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment & Control Methods

Foliar Spray Application - This is normally the most economic, killing 95% of plants in the first year.

Stem Injection - This involves injecting the stem with a herbicide using a specialist gun. This method is highly effective but rarely justifies the cost over foliar spray except over small areas or areas where other vegetation needs to be preserved.

Stem Filling - This involves cutting the Japanese Knotweed off just above the first node and filling the hollow stem with herbicide. This is a very effective technique but disposal of the cut green stems can often prove expensive.

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